It's true I loved her and I love her still.

So any words I rant are marred with sweet deceit.

A madness of the soul does hold me in a grip of honey light.

I daily see her grow more full of beauties grace and shun the passage of times cruelty.

Moreover I have seen her in her glory when the sun with timid passion hid his face to guard her and the moon would gild her shadow in the night like a lady in waiting.

I've seen her dance with all the power of the Earth.

Waves of rippled stone emerged from every step she took.

Concentric circles in a pool of marble and she a precious stone to plumb those depths.

Descending like a meteor within our midst.

It was a magic like no other I have known.

I felt a helpless leaf upon that massive flood.

She opened up the gates to all the worlds and all in breathless wonder drank the power of her dance.

The fire of galaxies untold became as glinting facets of some holy gem.

She wove the light and sound to lay a snare for helpless fools and I was happy prey to fill that net.

So I lay still as death for why should man take breath again when dearest hope has turned to naught.

When all roads lead away from perfect bliss.

I was ruined forever by her beauties touch.

Until her spell was done.

One day she took that spell from me.

I cannot know the rhyme nor reason of the thing but I fell crushed beneath the weight of all the fools before.

That was the day I woke or knew that I was gone so long.

It was a day when hope fell like a wounded dove and crashed into the sea.

Ocean of the world I will come again.

As a sailor long bound returning to his blood.

Birth Mother of us all. The rhythms of her foam caress the weary soul.

I long to lay my head upon her lap an feel her hand upon my brow.

It's true I loved her and I love her still.

But truth I hold above all things.

The truth of miracles is clear.

There is no doubting what the eye has seen.

Nor failing where the heart has been.

Delusion is a weave of light emerging from the Mothers hand.

We dance and sing upon the peak for just a time.

Then journey home again to dive beneath her waves.